Friday, June 02, 2006

Did you know

...that in Sweden, pressure groups nowaday can apparently request police raids on political opponents. As other countries try to develop justice-based systems the Swedes dismantle what they have and look to Brazil for guidance on how to handle "Justice for all, or at least some".
As the swedish police decided to take time out from chasing pedophiles and focus on stopping the vastly more important illegal file-sharing activities, they made a stunning and quite impressive search-and-seize on a medium-sized internet service provider. Instead of taking the servers suspected of containing contraband, they basically carted off the whole server room complete with routers and media converters. A couple of flat displays were also suspect enough to be hauled off. This accidentally put the lobbying group Piratbyran, the plaintiff pressure groups main foe, out of business since their server was also shlepped away.
The massive raid resulted in three arrests, one of which was the legal counsel of the other two. This legal counsel was requested to give a DNA sample, something that must be quite unique in a case of computer crime. I really do not want to know how you could leave DNA trace while committing computerized copyright infringement. The man does not look like a cyborg in the photos.
This is shaping up to be an amazing autumn.


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