Friday, June 02, 2006

As expected...

...the swedish chief justice claims that he has NEVER taken instructions from foreign pressure groups and that the very thought is absurd.

This man represents the same government that claimed it had NEVER handed over two egyptian refugees to the CIA in the middle of the night for an extradition to Egypt, where they were later tortured. The very thought was absurd, and people should be ashamed of themselves. The swedish government certainly does NOT bow to foreign pressure.
Except that it was true, and just about everyone including the EU, the UN and the Red Cross has pointed out that is was a pretty serious human rights violation.
True, the chief justice was apparently not involved, but it certainly sets an interesting precedent for how seriously one should take this particular governments claims to innocense.

I am in no way saying that our chief justice is crooked. Absolutely not. The very thought is absurd, right?


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