Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gone fishing

The swedish lobby/pressure group "AntipiratbyrÄn" (anti-pirate agency) has taken down its own web site. Apparently, they decided to do it instead of being taken out by a denial-of-service attack, something that has been used lately as a weapon of ridicule against the swedish police and possibly also the governments public web sites. Angry "hackers" decided that the temporary shutdown of swedish web sites and all-around eastern bloc style behaviour by the police warranted revenge, and the warpath was the sensible (for them) way to go.
Unfortunately for the lobbyists, this gives an embarrasing mental image. They were the instigators of the current badwill between hackers, file sharers and law enforcement, and as they shut themselves off from the net they look a lot like mean ten-year-old schoolboys, who kick an anthill and then run away a few yards to look at the commotion and frustration and laugh at it from a safe distance.
Sometimes, though, the mean kids get bitten. Sometimes what they kick turns out to be a hornets nest instead of an anthill. This time, the raid they called for had so much collateral damage that the general public felt the police had overstepped their bounds. Maybe the general public will ask for a real inquiry as to what power this pressure group really has over the swedish government, and WHY it has such a firm grip on their hearts and minds.
As the philosopher Friedman put it; "that would be killer bee". Wouldn't it be great if it really was?


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