Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fair and balanced

The swedish government is planning to lock horns with the dangerous terrorists called "file sharers" once and for all. Of course they are terrorists, ever heard of "sharia" law? See? These are the same solid underpinnings used to go to war in Iraq (ie the "q" in Iraq is written exactly like the "q" in al-qaeda).
The proud political thinkers have noticed that something like 70% of the population is in some way involved in this heinous terror activity and thus it might be hard to actually jail such a large part of the people. On the other hand, the organizations fighting the "war on piracy" are providing much needed business lunches and cash bonuses for the starving and poor politicians, so the special interests cannot be ignored either. A problem indeed.
The swedish government is going to solve this by holding hearings on the status of file sharing, and only inviting the copyright associations. NO opponents or neutral thinkers are invited. This will insure a fair and balanced debate, probably followed by a traditional witch-burning and then a set of legal amendments based on the current opinions of the finest political minds that money can buy.
The alternative is unthinkable. Imagine that someone did invite a representative for the people, or the Pirate Party, or some other free thinker, and this person pointed out that the Revolting Industry Association of America is actually standing there naked, wearing the emperors new clothes and clutching the doctored financial ledgers for the past three decades. This would not do. This would be an international crisis. Much better then to threaten to jail two thirds of the population for stealing immaterial goods.

It's a wonderful world. The theme music you may hear playing in the back of your minds is "the Liberty bell", used to great effect in the Monty Python's Flying Circus series.


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