Monday, July 03, 2006

How not to give an order

The swedish chief justice keeps denying that he violated swedish law by directly ordering a prosecutor to shut down The Pir*te Bay. He never ever gave anyone any orders, he says.
This may actually be true. A swedish TV program pieced together the puzzle and presented this chain of events;
A powerful lobbying group in america called something like "the Morally Penniless Assh*les of America" leaned on the White Building and said "This will not do. We only made 18 billion dollars last week, and it could have been 18.0001 billion.".
The brave men in the White Building immediately leaned on the swedish govt saying roughly "You will be on our blacklist and the WTO will shun you like rabid dogs.", which is probably not an actual fact since the trade organization is not really a copyright forum. Of course, no swedish government rep knows this.
The not-so-brave (see "spineless" in wikipedia for photos) swedish reps said "Oh fiddlesticks!" and called the CJ.
The CJ made sure that his personal pitbull DA had NO other computer cases on his desk, apart from an investigation into the site mentioned above. He had already investigated the site, and come to the conclusion that no law had been broken, and he had reported these findings.
The DA was then told to make a Maximum Effort to make sure that copyright infringements were dealt with sternly. The yanks are upset, and this needs to be done within a month or two.

Conclusion from the CJ:s side? He did not give an order.

To an outsider, it looks a little like giving someone a picture of a man, his home address, his planned movements for next week and the key to his apartment and the instructions "Go beat up some random guy that you have a file on.".

Amazingly, no-one has really questioned this behaviour.
That might be connected to the general elections in september, but no-one is admitting it.


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