Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Life without antacids

I avoid people I don't like. When someone has an opinion or behaviour that I don't like I turn my back and walk away. They are entitled to their opinion, but I do not have to agree and I can't be bothered to tilt at all windmills I see. A man can only handle so many windmills.
I base this behaviour on a spoken word fragment from the philosopher J. Biafra; "When someone hands you a chunk of sh*t, you dont have to take it."
The man is right. Not about all things (I hope, since he says a lot of scary stuff), but spiritually we seem to agree on a lot. That is the reason I simply turn away when some horrible televangelist comes on the TV and tries to tell us to hate something-or-other. I consider them unpleasant assh*les and I choose to spend my time in better company, so Zap. This also excludes plenty of more or less crooked politicians, most of the people of F*X News and many other budgie-wankers of similar ilk. I even gave up on Met*llica, after they started their "let's sue the fans!" campaign a bunch of years ago. They have the right to be pissed, and I have the right to ignore them.
I actually own two records by them; one is a birthday party special for Lemmy of Motorhead, where they play only Motorhead songs. I consider it an apocryphical Motorhead album. The other is the "Enter Sandman" 12-inch. I routinely switch TV channels when Met*llica are on, but "Enter Sandman" is the only song of theirs I actually sit through on the music channels. I reckon I have a right to hear it since I own the record, but only god knows their position to fans listening to their music on TV without paying, so generally I choose to filter them. They are one of very very few bands that I won't accept MP3:s of. They and a couple of "White supremacy"-acts that I also squelch in exactly the same way.
When someone tries to convince me that gays are in some way bad I recommend the comics of Ralf K├Ânig, an amazing cartoonist with very funny gay themes. When someone tries to sell me their religion I tell them I am Discordian, and I try to give them salvation. When someone tells me they like Met*llica, I tell them of Strapping Young Lad, or Megadeth, or Iron Maiden or some other metal act that as far as I know does not sue the planet at large. If possible, I play them samples or give them a handful of MP3:s and point them to an online record store.
I do not tilt at all windmills, but I can point them out to other people and tell them about the windmilling going on over there, and why they should stay clear.

This is the key to a long life without antacids, folks. Avoid people that give you heartburn.


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