Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oh dear, it speaks again.

The Chief Justice of sweden is outraged that people accuse him of strong-arming due process, just because instructions went out from his office to conduct a raid against a "pirate" site there really was no legal reason to mess with. He has stated, handsome chin set at a determined angle, that he will conduct a thorough investigation into these matters.
Two things spring to mind.
1) Odds are that he won't have time for this thorough investigation into his own possibly illegal behaviour until after the elections that are about 100 days away.
2) Strangely, a lot of people think that perhaps the person accused of violating the constitution should not lead the inquiry about what happened. I am not accusing him of being a crook, and the rumors that he is just one fluffy cat away from being a Bond villain are just spiteful. However, the Chief Justice investigating himself gives a whiff of banana republic justice and that simply is not proper. Sweden is NOT a banana republic.
OK, it is true that before he became Chief Justice he was mostly known for being a decent footballer and the son of a prominent politician (ex foreign secretary, no less). It does not mean a thing - lots of the current parliament members are sons and daughters of older parliament members. Or, in some cases, married to other parliament members. There is nothing wrong with that. Even the Prime Minister is married to a nice lady who incidentally happens to run the state monopoly on alcohol distribution, and no-one suspects him of furthering her career.
This is not a banana republic, and that is not entirely due to the fact that no bananas grow here.


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