Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The choice of a new generation

According to a swedish news corporation - idg - the British Phono Industry claims the music on the music sale site "allofmp3" is illegal, since the site uses the MP3 format instead of a DRM format. The brits would like the russians to cease and desist.
This leads to a number of reactions, from the lowly guffaw ("yeah, try stopping them") to the acidic ("If I have an actual receipt there is no way in hell I can be prosecuted for illegal copying!") but after a few moments the lingering reaction is cold fury. The assholes expose themselves once again, and we can all take in the puckered view.
This proves, once again, that the organisations that enforce and lobby for the music biz are not in any way the consumers friend. They are here to rip you a new one, and to steal your money if possible, and you can count on anything they say to be slanted for the benefit of the biz. Make no mistake. This little statement about non-DRM-tech actually speaks volumes.
MP3 is the format of choice for consumers. It plays in a huge variety of players, from solid state USB drives to CD-players to car stereos. It is portable and "good enough" for non-hi-fi everyday use. It gives the customer excellent choice.
The music industry does not want the customer to have these options. They would like you to pay $25 for Britneys latest, playable in the house stereo, and another $25 for a version that plays in the car. And another that plays at work, if possible.
DRM is all about limiting your options, which is why it is stupid and has to go away. If you pay for a record, you should be able to copy it to tape, MP3, magnetic wire or whatever to play in your car. The biz is ready to fight you tooth and nail, including dragging you into court, for the important principle that you should not be allowed to use your own property the way you choose.
This is why it is important for the biz to blacken the "MP3" name all the time. After all, as Adolf H taught us, if you repeat your lies often enough people end up believing them. Unless people actually make a reality check and fĂ­gure out that you are a crook, of course.
And we have figured out that the industry is run by crooks. Even before S*NY deliberately infected their paying customers computers with a root kit, it was pretty obvious who the bad guys were.
Anyone buying S*NY products now really should have his head examined. How anyone can choose to support them is beyond my comprehension. Why give money to a company that actually tries to hurt its customers?
Give it to the EFF instead, and buy chinese "Brand-X" hardware when you need something. The EFF is on your side, and fights the good fight. Help them if you can.
The bands that are still attached to S*NY probably have sound-alike bands out there that you can choose instead. Check the "R*AA-radar" site for clues to this. Remember that any band choosing to remain with this company thinks you deserve to have your computer hacked. Do you really want to boost their sales?


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